Organic Fair

Meet Kent Goodwin

He is the man behind Organic Fair. Under Kent’s careful stewardship, Organic Fair conducts an amazing production process for stellar results – Direct Fair-Trade Chocolates, a Soda Syrup that is the life of the party, and Organic and Fair-Trade herbs and spices that promise to transform your kitchen into a flavour powerhouse.

Direct Fair-Trade, Organic Chocolates

Kent has been serious about organic, fair trade dark  chocolate since 2005. Since then, he has also had some serious fun with flavours in his dark chocolate bars.

Starting in 2012, Organic Fair became bean to bar chocolate makers. This is an important distinction, as they are now part of the growing movement of small craft chocolate makers that work with cacao beans to make their chocolate. They are also the only certified organic bean-to-bar chocolate maker in all of Western Canada.

More than ever, they are wholly committed to organic chocolate. Many small cacao growers they support are proving again and again that not only is organic better for the usual reasons of being better for the environment and your health, but that organic offers a quality that is simply outstanding! More care and attention go into growing organic crops, and this attention to detail is continued in the harvesting, fermenting, and drying of the cacao beans.

As Kent Goodwin himself says: “Organic Fair high cacao dark chocolate has just as many antioxidants, magnesium, iron, fibre, and feel-good neurotransmitters like theobromine and anandamide as raw chocolate. A magical thing happens when cacao is roasted called the maillard reaction and gives chocolate its characteristic delicious flavour, killing any potential surface pathogen and making it more digestible. Raw chocolate is incomparable to mass-produced candy bars that barely contain any cacao at all.”

It is a false equivalency to state that Organic Fair chocolate bars are anything like candy bars.

The only other comparison is that there is a significant difference between alkalized (a.k.a. dutched) and non-alkalized (a.k.a. raw but still made from roasted bean) cocoa powder. You can see the difference between the two, dutched being darker and not as bitter, easier to mix into milk – but with a lower antioxidant value.

Organic Fair chocolates are made without dutched cocoa powder.

We use the non-alkalized powder in our hot chocolate. There are many questions about authenticity in raw cacao and there is no industry standard or certification for it.

Organic Fair shoulders this burden themselves.

We offer a certified organic dark chocolate made here in Canada by us, a small family business located on an organic farm. We firmly believe our chocolate is some of the healthiest and most delicious on the market. Until we can be completely sure that raw cacao is safe and significantly healthier, we will not be offering it.

Organic, Old-Fashioned, Fair-Trade Soda Syrups

Kent and Marisa have been been serving his Old-Fashioned Soda Syrups on the farm for a couple of years now.

People have been begging to take them home ever since. We now offer our farm grown syrups in cool, old-school bottles for your thirst-quenching pleasure. Lavender & Lemon Balm – two beautiful fragrant plants that we grow in abundance. These two natural flavour friends are what the hot summer days cry out for, to receive the healing of this herbal lemonade.

All Organic Fair Soda Syrups start with a base of organic fair-trade cane sugar mixed with the farm’s own spring water. Every line has at least one flavour ingredient that is grown right on the organic farm itself.

Our Root Beer even includes some of our Hallertauer beer hops! This is real Root Beer, made from over 15 herbs & spices, including hops from our farm. We had to recreate our favourite childhood drink – enjoy this taste of nostalgia.

These Soda Syrups are packed with flavour and a little bit goes a long way. What that means for you and your family is that a serving of Organic Fair Soda Syrups have significantly less sugar per serving that traditional soft drinks!

The Ginger Ale? This is the ginger-ale you’ve dreamed about. A full spectrum extract of ginger with a breeze from the islands.. some lime and spice. Just a hint of heat and a beautiful, balanced flavour. Fabulous in cocktails or in the morning after a wild night. Meet your new best friend.

As Kent and Marisa say, Organic Fair Soda Syrups are “..easy to use, just add carbonated spring or soda water. They’re excellent for all ages, but especially fun in cocktails – these were meant to get creative with! We love that we can finally share these soda syrups with you.”

The Soda Syrups are perfect for summer sipping, but can be enjoyed in all seasons – entertaining family and friends during Thanksgiving, celebrating the holidays and festivities in winter, or heralding the new breath and life that spring brings.

Organic, Fair-Trade Herbs, Spices, & Rubs

Enjoy our collection of organic herbs and spices and our specially crafted spice rubs and blends inspired by global flavours. We invite you into our kitchen with these amazing seasonings. Created by food professionals, used by chefs and loved by home cooks, our herbs and spices are pantry must haves.

Store your spices in a cool, dry, and dark place, in airtight containers.

Organic, Fair-Trade Mayan Sea Salt

Straight from the sea to your table, our Mayan Sea Salt is pure, unaltered flavour.

History suggests that the Mayan people began harvesting salt along the coast of Central America since as early as 1000 BC. Carrying on this ancient tradition, this salt is produced within walking distance of historic Guatemalan harvesting sites.

We are proud to have a direct trade relationship with the producers of our Mayan sea salt, and we are currently the exclusive Canadian distributor of this beautiful salt. Our direct trade relationship significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with sourcing salt, allowing for excellent pricing, and reduced environmental impact.

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