Sabino Leone

Meet the Leone family

“It was my father, Gioacchino, who let me taste the freshly pressed oil. That day I decided that this would be my way ”

Born from the passion that unites the Leone family to nature, land and life in the fields, the farm is run by the owner Sabino together with his son Nino and his daughter Maddalena. It is an Apulian reality keeping up with times. The company aims to enhance the native cultivars through new olive plants. The company is dedicated to the care of olive groves of Coratina cultivars, among which stand out over 220 years old trees, and young plants of Peranzana, Frantoio and Carolea and the production of wine grapes, cereals, legumes and other mixed cultures. With the aim of bringing to the table a product that is not only excellent but also genuine, the Leone farm implements production methods deriving from organic farming and integrated with ICEA, CSQA and SQNPI certifications.

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