Sarafino Fused Olive Oil

Meet the Pata family

The Pata farm was founded in 1910 on the green and sunny terraces at the peaks of Monte Poro in Calabria.

From the centuries-old experience in the cultivation and processing of the prestigious varieties of olives OTTOBRATICA, LECCINO and CICIARELLO are born oils of undisputed excellence loved by connoisseurs.

The agricultural practices adopted by the Pata family are few and far between.

Operating in short supply chain:

It adopts cultural techniques suitable for preserving the micro organic equilibrium of the Earth
Use plant varieties suitable for the specific environment
Excludes all kinds of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
Excludes genetically modified varieties
Check directly and through public bodies, all stages of production: from the cultivation of the Earth to the olive harvest, from the extraction of the oil to its conservation and packaging

The Pata Antonio farm adopts the organic production method, management system of the agricultural enterprise that exploits only the natural fertility of the earth and favours the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates.

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