About Sarafino

Sarafino is a small importing and distribution company that deals only in natural and uncompromised artisanal products which are true to their origins. A great deal of our time is spent meeting and educating our clients about where our products come from and how they are produced. Much of these labours are devoted to our internationally renowned Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils and our new Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These products are created on our own family’s estate. They are our roots, as it was through this connection that Sarafino began.

Since then, our products have been received with enthusiasm and appreciation, leaving us with a tremendous sense of pride in our daily work. Through our importing and distributing experience, we have also encountered the harsh realities that exist within the food industry; namely, that imported goods (and even domestic goods) are far too often modified and manipulated for economic gain. We have come to value traditional farming operations that offer personal responsibility for what they create. Our goal is to defend and promote such artisanal practices, and it is exclusively with these types of operations that we do business. We plan to continue on this path and build our reputation as an honest, hard working, genuine food provider with nothing to hide.

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Do you have a passion for food, an energy for life and sales in your blood? If you said YES, YES and YES then Sarafino wants YOU! For career opportunities please forward your resume to heather@sarafino.com

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