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Meet Our Valued Producer


Cacao Crudo arose from a deep passion for high quality food, research, ethics and for a short/direct supply chain. It is a new way to produce and savour chocolate To preserve the precious qualities of the cacao and the other ingredients we are constantly seeking new production methods.

We are the FIRST manufacturer of raw chocolate in Italy. We use high quality cacao Criollo variety directly from our supply chain which originates in the Peruvian Amazon. This cacao is naturally fruity, floral and creamy. In order to preserve its precious organoleptic qualities and nutrients, we never process at temperatures above 45 degrees celsius.

After having tasted almost all the raw chocolate produced in the world, we started in 2010 to experiment with recipes, ingredients, cocoa varieties and to establish direct contacts with the producers.

The results of our first experiments, and the enthusiastic responses of our tasters made it clear to us that we were on the right track.