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We are Canadian importers, distributors and educators that have direct partnerships with family farms and producers, mainly originating from my parents' home land in Italy.  
These family companies have a deep respect and intimate relationship to the land they cultivate, live on and thrive from as well as ancient wisdom for the craft that they have mastered which is driven by patience for mother Earth’s Bounty and passion for purity and perfection.
Our aim is to protect these essential and valuable food sources by promoting them, the territory and the people behind them.
We are an honest, hard working food provider with nothing to hide.  Guided by transparency, trackability and with your trust and loyalty.
Thank you for embarking on this journey with us where we represent families with the passion that they have for the products they produce.  While we create a solid culinary connecting bridge to you, the caring, conscious consumer.
Sarafino Food Guardians.
Feed your Body, Feed your Soul


Do you have a passion for food, an energy for life and sales in your blood? If you said YES, YES and YES then Sarafino wants YOU! For career opportunities please forward your resume to


Watch the process at Olearia San Giorgio as they turn olives into their award winning olive oil!

This video was filmed on the 2011 Sarafino Culinary Tour to Italy.

Thank you to The Village Grocer and Beeforth Productions.