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Meet Our Valued Producer


The Casas De Hualdo farm is located in a natural and privileged area where the olive trees coexists with a rich variety of wildlife.
The farm consists of a closed cycle which maintains the natural balance. Cereal and alfalfa serve to feed the sheep, whose manure is used to fertilize the olive trees and other crops. Grass grows freely in between the olive trees and when it is cut, along with the branches during pruning season they are used as compost returning many of the nutrients that the trees need.
Another aspect that is very important is the irrigation water. It comes from the Tagus river, but the use of it must be as efficient as possible. There are a number of sensors that give them very valuable information about the humidity levels in the soil and the activity inside the olive trees. With this knowledge they can irrigate with the necessary amount of water. In addition, the estate has two weather stations that provide information about the influence of the weather on the crops.

The groves are in the perfect location for the olive tree to grow and thrive with hot and dry summers, cold winters, sandy and clay soils and an altitude between 400 and 600 metres.

Year after year Casas De Hualdo’s olive oils win prestigious international awards.