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Meet Our Valued Producer


Traditions and family vocations are what have driven the Antica Acetaia La Secchia di Modena to produce balsamic vinegar. The company diligently follows the antique recipe, which was made official in May 2000 by the regulations governing the production of D.O.P. (protected denomination of origin) balsamic vinegar.

Of the many interesting and noteworthy merits of the fine Balsamico that originates from Acetaia La Secchia is the careful selection of the right grape cultivars, traditional extraction methods, and meticulous (and laborious!) effort that go into making every bottle of balsamic vinegar from the producer of superb quality. Carefully inspected as a labour of love in every stage of the production process, Lorenzo Righi speaks with utter sincerity and passion when he says: “I would never make a product of balsamic vinegar to sell that I could not feed to my own children.”

And having tasted his fine wares, we know he would not. Depth, finesse, range are some of the many words we would use to describe the quality and taste of product that comes from the Acetaia La Secchia – and by these it becomes clear what a true Balsamico di Modena is versus a simpler product.