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Today, the oils of Olearia San Giorgio are present in the best national and international restaurants, gastronomies, wine cellars, and specialized shops. Specialized press, institutions, and professional farming and consumer associations have shown a keen interest in the quality of their oil production – which has recently received national and international awards and recognitions.The Fazari farm was created in 1940 thanks to its founder Domenico, who rented an olive grove and its oil mill, together with his five sons. This land, which today is located in the municipalities of San Giorgio Morgeto (RC) and Cittanova (RC) at the foot of the National Park of Aspromonte, is the official property of the Fazari brothers, who have been promoting the culture of olive oil for three generations. Their estate is over 130 hectares and boasts beautiful gardens of olive trees and up to 22,000 plants; they have since augmented their estate with the addition of about 3,000 young olive plants for organic olive oil production. In 1992, the Fazari brothers created a new company – Olearia San Giorgio – for the purposes of transforming, bottling, and bringing to stores across the world their olive oil. With a strong workforce, Olearia San Giorgio is a careful guardian of an ancient and masterly tradition handed down by past olive oil producers and is attentive to the future of the real art of oil making. With the passion and courage of managing director Domenico Fazari, the founder’s grandson, Olearia San Giorgio has been an award-winning family enterprise for more than seventy years.


Olearia San Giorgio relies on advanced technology to carry out all the production phases following criteria and measures strengthened by tradition and improved through time. In order to ensure the preservation of oil aroma and taste, olive crushing follows olive picking as soon as possible. Systematic pruning, accurate fertirrigation (using organic irrigation systems) of young plants and the correct use of anti-parasitic treatments are the mainstays that promote the condition and vigor of their olive trees and fruit. In the ‘San Mauro’ estate where only organic fruits are grown, these cultivation techniques are carried out in a careful and specific way.

A walk through our family’s olive groves.

The company oil mill makes use of vanguard technologies with continuous-cycle machines; Olearia San Giorgio’s personnel operate them with great expertise, thus playing a leading role in the process of transforming olives into oil. As soon as the oil is separated, it is filtered and stored in special tanks, where aromatic features and chemical stability are maintained thanks to inert nitrogen. The phase of bottling is also carried out with the greatest care, in order to assure the preservation of the organoleptic features of the oil for a long time.