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Meet Our Valued Producer


Oro del Desierto, a 7th generation family owned and operated business in Tabernas Spain is linked to the territory they inhabit. When you combine the climate conditions (more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year) with the extra care they take during the whole process (cold pressing within 8 hours after harvesting by hand) the result is an organic extra virgin olive oil like no other! The highest quality and consistency has always been an important concept to the family. The world is noticing as well with their oils being recognized and awarded in many international competitions.

Rafael has been acknowledged many times by the Andalusia food laboratory as they have obtained the lowest acidity of 0.07 in the Spanish market. The company has won over 250 awards worldwide.

The farm is cultivated in a way that respects the soil structure among the rows of the olive trees. As a consequence of this kind of management they avoid land disturbance and loss of soil due to hydric erosion as well we keep vegetal diversity of the area. They also integrate the raising of chickens and sheep on the farm. The species chosen are the Andalusian hen and the “segureña” sheep. Both animal species are not harmful for the olive tree culture. During the Olive Oil production process, solid waste material is taken to a separator. The pit is used as fuel in the Oil Mill’s central Heating. A percentage of the flesh is dried and used to feed the farm’s sheep. The rest is mixed with animal droppings and organic matter giving way to compost which is added to fertilize the crop’s soil. The management of this company has been chosen for the EQUAL program, which shows economic and environmentally sustainable examples of company management.

The varieties they produce are Picual, Hojiblanca, Lechin and Arbequina. All organic!

“Only with the best ingredients and great patience do you get perfection, that overcomes time, where quality is a way of life not a fashion, where the price is the result and not the objective”